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Yan Stavisski Uses His Instagram To Educate People On Financial Literacy

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Around 47 percent of Americans are currently in credit card debt. Rising interest rates make it difficult for most hard-working individuals to dig themselves out of the hole. The problem begins with a lack of understanding of how Credit works. People will swipe their credit cards, not knowing the kind of situation they are putting themselves into.

Seeing a problem in America, Yan Stavisski has been using his Instagram page to educate the younger generations on using their Credit to work for them instead of against them. “This particular program is all on Instagram, which makes it very easy to disperse content to current students and maintain engagement,” said Yan. Once buried in over one hundred thousand dollars of debt, he knows first hand how hard it can be to get out of debt once you are behind on payments.

Yan Stavisski founded his company King Credit LLC to help others understand the power of Credit. “I can relate and understand what 90% of the population is going through. I know how they can change their situation, which gives me the power to help believe while painting a vision”, said Yan.

Yan’s company has helped thousands of individuals attain financial freedom through the online platform. The company offers educational courses on Credit, investing, and even how to travel worldwide for “free” through “Travel Hacking.” The method involves using several different credit cards to rack up miles. With enough Credit racked up, an individual can fly for free.

The company has provided its audience with results. Many clients have begun leaving 9-5 jobs to becoming real estate investors. “People’s lives are being changed and this is just the start”, said Yan. His focus is to continue to expand the company, targeting to help thousands of more people with their Credit. “Going forward we will start running global ad campaigns which will lead people to get educated for FREE and that’s our mission”, said Yan. “If people end up wanting to buy our products, then great, we sure have an audience for this but our goal is to financially educate the masses and make them aware of the amazing tools and opportunities they have at their fingertips.”

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