Why Entrepreneur Frida Polli Chose Tech Over Science

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Frida Polli

didn’t plan on becoming a technology entrepreneur.

Before she became the co-founder and chief executive of Pymetrics, a company that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral neuroscience to help reduce bias in hiring, Ms. Polli was a postdoctoral fellow at the brain and cognitive sciences department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She initially had thought she would continue her career in science. But when she became a divorced, single mother trying to support her family on a $37,000-a year salary, she began to reconsider her future.

Ms. Polli knew that while starting a company would be financially risky, she also realized it could provide far greater long-term financial upside than a career in science.

Today, Ms. Polli employs about 140 people. Last year, Pymetrics raised $40 million of series B funding led by private-equity firm General Atlantic.

“Don’t give up during difficult times,” she says in this Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast with Veronica Dagher

Ms. Polli also explains how female entrepreneurs can get more funding and the importance of budgeting.

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