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Wendi McLendon-Covey worked part-time even while filming Bridesmaids

By October 5, 2018 No Comments

Before Wendi McLendon-Covey’s acting career took off with the 2011 romantic comedy “Bridesmaids” and ABC’s sitcom “The Goldbergs,” in which she stars as Beverly Goldberg, she was stuck in a job she hated.

“I was working at a hotel near Disneyland with my best friend and thought, ‘This sucks so badly,'” the actress says in an interview with online investing platform Wealthsimple. She and that same friend had been to improv shows at The Groundlings and decided to sign up for comedy classes together.

It quickly became “the highlight of our week,” she says. “We just kept going with it and loving it and I thought, ‘OK, well, I’m just going to keep going until they tell me to stop. At some point, they’ll probably tell me I’m no good at this.’ But they never did.”

Though McLendon-Covey decided to pursue comedy and acting as a career, she didn’t like the idea of being a starving artist: “I never wanted to be one of those desperate actors just waiting for their next gig, who might have to take something that they didn’t want to do to pay the rent.”

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