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Tea Ramishvili is the founder and designer of Mortuli. Inspired by unique traditional ornaments in the paintings, fabrics, and goldsmithery techniques in different Georgian regions, she decided to transfer them into contemporary designs. Mortuli sells socks that are decorated with unique Georgian ornaments, with a contemporary twist, showing Georgians and foreigners the rich culture and past of Georgia.


Qwhiskey is a premium-class alcoholic drink from Georgia, presenting a synthesis of wine and whiskey. Qwhiskey is a joint start-up of Gigi Tevzadze, Nini Chachia, Aleko Bakuradze, and Giorgi Barisashvili and cae from a lot of experimenting. Currently, the brand offers two kinds of drink: Qwhiskey white and Qwhiskey red. It is a 100% natural, pure drink that causes no hangover the next day! Qwhiskey is now in active talks with exporters, aiming for the many European markets.

Tech Park

Tech Park hosted the annual report presentation of the Georgian Agency of Innovation and Technologies (GITA), and the signing of agreements between them and 500 Startups in an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator founded in 2010 by Dave McClure and Christine Tsai. In 2020-2022, 3000 IT specialists will be retrained in high-paying professions like programming, cybersafety, and mobile development, and the Technology Transfer Pilot Program (TTPP) will run, aiming to help commercialize scientific projects that are in high demand on the market. 74 candidates applied from different research centers and Georgian universities, and 13 projects were chosen. The project is implemented by the World Bank Group and GITA, and is financially supported by the EU.

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