US military presence on Syrian soil illegal

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has roundly condemned the presence of hundreds of American troopers in the southeastern part of his country close to the border with Iraq, terming the deployment as “illegal” and an “act of aggression.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Russia’s Arabic-language RT Arabic television news network, Muallem stated that Americans at al-Tanf garrison recruit and train Daesh terrorists, and then dispatch them to the front line to fight Syrian government forces in a bid to prolong the Syrian crisis in favor of Israel.

‘Damascus-Tehran relations not negotiable at all’

The top Syrian diplomat went on to say that relations between his country and the Islamic Republic of Iran were not open to any negotiations.

“The presence of Iranian advisers in Syria is legitimate and at the request of the Damascus government contrary to the American deployment, which is an act of aggression against Syria and must cease,” Muallem pointed out.

He also made a reference to the Turkish-Russian agreement on a buffer zone in Syria’s militant-held northern province of Idlib, describing it as a positive step on the path of asserting state control over the entire Syrian territory.

“The agreement provided conditions for a peaceful solution in Idlib. Reconciliations have proved effective in many areas of Syria. The legitimate Syrian government has the right to use other means to establish its sovereignty,” Muallem said.

The senior Syrian official further noted that the danger in the eastern regions of the country now stems from US soldiers, who are stationed there illegally, provide military support to the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces in that region, and obstruct their dialogue with the Syrian government.

“We are committed to the Astana Peace Process, Sochi talks as well as efforts made by the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran to find an appropriate solution that serves Syrian people best in the political process,” Muallem underlined.

He also named the United States, Britain and France as the developers of the foreign-sponsored conspiracy against Syria, saying, “All the weapons that terrorists possess in many parts of Syria have been manufactured in these countries.”

‘We call on Syrians living abroad to return to their homeland’

Elsewhere in his remarks, Muallem called on all Syrian expatriates to return and play a role in the reconstruction of their country.

He expressed regret that the West prevented their repatriation through the policy of intimidation.

‘S-300 missile system is a guarantor of our security, stability’

Muallem stated that Syria neither has harassed nor interfered in the domestic affairs of any country, and looks forward to good relations with world states.

“Whoever attacks us and interferes in our internal affairs, must reconsider his position,” he commented.

Muallem concluded that the S-300 surface-to-air missile system, which Syria would acquire from Russia in near future, is a defense system aimed at protecting the Syrian airspace against any external threat.

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