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Travel Tips That’ll Help You Make The Most of Navratri And Dussehra

By October 12, 2018 No Comments

It’s that time of the year again when the entire country is swaying to the beats and rhythms of festivals. Whether it’s  Durga Puja in Kolkata, Navratri in Gujarat or Dussehra in Mysore – there’s all kinds of singing, dancing and merry making everywhere.

This is also that time of the year when one should travel to experience different cultures of different states. It’s never the same everywhere; it’ll be a unique experience to celebrate Navratri in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi.

This is also that time of the year when people throw caution to the wind and don’t think their plans through. Here are some tips that you must remember as a thumb-rule while enjoying the festivities at the same time:

Do something new

Experience the dhunuchi-naach and shidoor-khela in pandals in Kolkata where women dance with incense pots in their hands and married women smear each other with gulaal. Or visit Mysore this time in all its glory – the Mysore palace is decked up like a bride and there are processions for nine days where there’s traditional song and dance. Or book yourself a ticket to Delhi to experience the famous Ramlila.

Don’t be a spectator; participate

You may enjoy the garba and dandiya dances happening in your city, but you’ll enjoy ten-times more if you learn the dance and go participate. These dances require a lot of energy and enthusiasm, so when you go for it, you’ll realise how lively and joyous you feel.

Revise your history

The festivities make more sense when we know the idea, thought and history behind it. The ten day festival of Durga Puja marks the battle of Goddess Durga with the shape-shifting, deceptive and powerful demon, Mahishasura with her emerging victorious. This shows Durga as the source of creation and life. While Dussehra is a celebration of good triumphing over evil after Lord Ram defeated Ravana in the Indian mythology.

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