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Travel savings ‘hacks’ that may end up costing you

By September 10, 2018 No Comments

That is, we were so excited…until we actually read the fine print. It was one of those bare-bones budget airlines where everything “extra” ends up costing you. So, while the flights themselves were only going to cost us $350 round-trip each, that didn’t include other travel necessities. We ended up paying an extra $100 each just to carry on a bag — the only thing included with our tickets was one personal item each. We wanted to sit together on our flights, which meant we each had to pay another $40 total to pick our seats. The planes also didn’t have any complimentary meal service, and since we didn’t plan ahead and pack some snacks, we ended up splurging on overpriced, mediocre sandwiches. Plus, it was an Iceland-based airline, and all of their trips included a stopover in Reykjavik. This meant we had to get all the way through customs and onto our next flight leg in the span of our 40-minute layover, which was way too close for comfort for me.

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