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Top 5 Best Proof-of-Stake Coins – Enable your Passive Income

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If you are searching for a way to enable your passive income, here is a top 5 best PoS coins. This way you can make the best passive income from the cryptocurrency market.

Depending on each PoS your income will vary, but if you are a staking beginner, none of this coins will let you down.

Down below are the best 5 Proof-of-Stake Coins at the moment.

NavCoin (NAV)

In 2014 NavCoin was forked from Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer and non-profit project which is also an open source. Since then it has always been a reliable passive income earner.

Do benefit from the NAV all you need to do is stake a local copy of the Core Wallet and set it to staking mode. After dropping your holdings into this wallet, watch yourself earning. For maximum returns, you need to have your computer on and connected, or you can use a Raspberry Pi to run the wallet because the PoS is lightweight.


NEO is considered China’s Ethereum and aims to become the center of the smart economy enabling the users to trade securely.

GAS is the platform’s currency, and you can generate it if you stake NEO. You earn as much GAS as you earn NEO.

You can stack NEO in any type of wallet, and it does not need to have a wallet always connected.

Lisk (LSK)

If you use the Lisk platform you can:

  • Use JavaScript to create decentralized apps
  • Stak LSK vote with them in delegates
  • Use Lisk Nano wallet to stak and vote
  • Get an income of between 6.25 and 100 percent


Ark aim is to use its SmartBridge technology to link disparate blockchains together while making your service more scalable and faster. Ark has only partners and no competitors.

Ark is similar to Lisk because it relies on voters and transaction processors as well. Another similarity is that you do not need a connected and online wallet. What is easier is that you can put your ARK on a Ledger Nano S and use your device to vote.

Reddcoin (RDD)

What can you do with Reddcoin?

  • Instant tips for valuable content
  • Use RDD to give a bonus to an article or video you liked.
  • Use the Reddcoin Core wallet to load it with RDD
  • Start staking after 8 hours

You must keep your wallet connected at all times.

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