Top 3 Performing Cryptocurrencies This Week

The cryptocurrency industry has seen a lot of price volatility lately, and most of them are very positive. Many cryptocurrencies found themselves in a much higher place than they were earlier in the week.

Here are the top 3 earning cryptocurrencies this week:

Zcash (ZAC)

Zcash (ZAC) is the best performing cryptocurrency of the week, comparing its price at the beginning of the week and its current position.

The stablecoin, currently ranked 22nd by market cap, saw a + 25.16% price increase this week. Its price started to rise from below $ 84 to $ 101. It was at this level that Zcash peaked. The cryptocurrency then experienced a correction and was trading at $ 92.62 at the time of writing, and while a correction was made, the coin still managed to climb to the current $ 94.24.

Dash (DASH)

After Zcash, Dash is the second-best performer this week with an increase of over 16.3%. Similar to Zcash, Dash’s price started at around $ 84, although in this case $ 84 was a support rather than a resistance level.

During the week, the price of the cryptocurrency began to slowly outstrip support and also rose to $ 104, crossing the $ 92 and $ 100 resistances. After the summit, there was a slight correction to $ 96, while the DASH price increased once again. The cryptocurrency was trading at $ 99.47 at the time of writing.

Ripple (XRP)

Finally, in third place is XRP, which is 14.99% higher than it was at the beginning of the week. XRP experienced quite strong volatility that caused its price to drop from $ 0.26 to $ 0.32 and then to $ 0.28 and eventually back to $ 0.31.

The coin is currently finding itself just below $ 0.30 as it approaches this resistance, and if it manages to stay above this level, it could serve as a very strong support. The cryptocurrency was trading at $ 0.296041 at the time of writing.

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