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Whether you’re a seasoned investor or are just acquiring your first property, real estate investment blogs are an excellent source of information. From rental properties to fix-and-flips to REITs, there’s a blog — and usually a partner podcast — that will give you the scoop on all things real estate investing. Take a look at our top 10 picks for blogs to follow:

Top real estate investing blogs

1. Afford Anything

Blogger: Paula Pant

Focus: Rental properties

Other media: Afford Anything podcast

A former journalist, Paula Pant achieved financial freedom through real estate, and now she teaches others how to do it through her blog and podcast. Her philosophy? You can afford anything, but not everything, so you’ll need to take control of your money to build the life you want most. Whether you read her blog or listen to the podcast, you’ll get great advice on how to set a course toward financial freedom with real estate investing.

2. Blissful Investor

Blogger: Moneeka Sawyer

Focus: Real estate investing for women

Other media: Real Estate Investing for Women podcast

Sure, you could be a happy real estate investor, but Moneeka Sawyer would prefer it if you were a blissful investor. If that sounds a bit much, consider the fact that Sawyer has built a multimillion-dollar empire working just 5–10 hours per month. In addition to articles on the blog and a podcast, Sawyer offers free downloads and the Blissful Investor Home Study program so that new real estate investors — particularly women — can be more educated and more at ease as they build their portfolios.


Blogger: Graham Stephan

Focus: Real estate sales and investing

Other media: YouTube channel

Graham Stephen got his real estate license fresh out of high school. In his 12+ year career since then, he has amassed over $130 million in residential real estate sales in Southern California (he notes A-list celebrities like Orlando Bloom among his clientele) and also owns a number of rental properties. He runs the Real Estate Academy, where he teaches how to build a six-figure career as a real estate agent from the ground up.


Blogger: Joe Fairless

Focus: Multifamily investing, apartment syndication

Other media: Best Ever Show (podcast), app

Joe Fairless is a bit of a Renaissance man — he’s taught preschool, done standup, and worked as an ad exec. He also controls more than $900 million in real estate. So if you’re an investor looking to up your game, you’ll want to read Joe’s blog and his long-running daily podcast, “Best Ever Show.” Fairless shares hosting duties with Theo Hicks, who also heads up Apartment Syndication School, which is a great foundation for building a rental property empire.

5. Master Passive Income

Blogger: Dustin Heiner

Focus: Passive income with rental properties

Other media: Master Passive Income podcast

Get past the fear of investing to become “successfully unemployed.” Dustin Heiner’s blog offers a series of guides and posts that will help get you over your J.O.B. (just over broke) slump and into a successful real estate investing career with passive income from rental properties. Heiner offers a host of educational programs, including a group coaching program, 1-1 coaching opportunities, and a master class in passive income with the Ultimate Real Estate Investing system.

6. Mr. Money Mustache

Blogger: Peter Adeney

Focus: Real estate investing for beginners, rentals, and REITs

Other media: Mr. Money Mustache app (App Store and Google Play)

“Financial freedom through badassity” is the tagline of Peter Adeney’s blog, so right away you know you’re in for a no-holds barred perspective on real estate investing. Adeney was able to retire in his 30s by cutting expenses in half and investing the savings in Vanguard index funds and rental homes. His blog is great for beginners, as many of the posts offer great advice on how to stash away more money by slashing food bill costs and other lifestyle expenses.


Blogger: Rich Carey

Focus: Real estate investing for military personnel

Other media: Free mini-course

While Rich Carey was on active duty overseas in the Air Force, he got rid of student loans, paid off a mortgage, flipped houses, and bought rental properties. Now, he has a cash flow of around $10K per month. While the main audience of Rich’s blog is military personnel, investors of all walks of life can learn something about real estate investing, including long-distance investing. Rich offers a free mini-course on how to vet off-market deals even as a part-time investor.


Blogger: Mark Ferguson

Focus: Real estate investing, wholesaling, BRRRR strategy

Other media: Free book, “Make Millions in Real Estate”

Mark Ferguson built $3.7 million in equity through real estate investing. He’s got info for everyone, from advanced investors to those who are just getting their feet wet. Ferguson blogs and has a regular e-newsletter that discusses flipping houses, financing, finding deals, wholesaling, and BRRR strategy.

9. REtipster

Blogger: Seth Williams

Focus: Real estate investing

Other media: REtipster podcast, REtipster Toolbox

REtipster is your one-stop shop for all things real estate investing. The blog is just for starters; there are videos, downloadable resources, calculators, and more to help you run your investing business like a true pro. Seth Williams’ podcast is also a great opportunity to hear other successful investors weigh in on their strategies so that everyone from newbie investors to experienced landlords and flippers can learn something.

10. Bigger Pockets

Creator: Josh Dorkin

Focus: All aspects of real estate investing and personal finance

Other media: Bigger Pockets podcast, multiple books

Any top-10 list of real estate resources would be remiss if Bigger Pockets weren’t included. More than just a blog, BP is an empire of knowledge that spans podcasts, a growing library of books, and a vast website with all the information and resources an investor could want. Half educational, half social network, it brings together both new and experienced investors in all phases of real estate.

The bottom line

Your education as a real estate investor never stops — especially if you want to keep growing your holdings. Blogs and podcasts are a great way to hear what’s working/not working for other investors. Find a few you like and commit to reading them on a regular basis to get new ideas and fresh perspectives for your real estate investing business.

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