When Airbnb came up, everybody were so skeptical about it. Staying in somebody’s place instead of a hotel or hostel? Unthinkable! But nowadays everyone knows it, use it and enjoy how fast and easy it is to book a unique place abroad. Staying in an Airbnb can be a great experience since you are staying in somebody’s apartment. You can feel almost like at home and enjoy the freedom. Besides, you can also find really cheap and nice accommodations there.

Of course, such a popular business also has a bunch of competitors. Some of them are also well-known but some might be new to you. Let’s check them out maybe there is also a good alternative for you.

1. Booking.com

Many people know www.booking.com as a platform where you normally book hotels. Since we love staying in apartments, we were avoiding it for years. But did you know that they now also offer apartments and more for your getaways? You can book really unique apartments, cozy bed & breakfasts and homestays in any city you would like to go. Their interface is easy to use and even if you find a cheaper place anywhere else, you still have the option to cancel without paying anything. Another plus is their huge offer. I’m sure you will definitely find something there, no matter how special your taste is.

2. Wimdu

Wimdu is well-known in Europe and especially in our country, Germany. They have a huge offer in the whole of Europe, but they also offer a lot of holiday properties worldwide. Most of their properties are city apartments, which is great if you are traveling to big cities such as New York or Paris. But you can also find a bunch of holiday houses on their website. They have really good deals for great places and it’s definitely worth trying. Wimdu has an easy to use interface and also the booking is fast done. Just go to www.wimdu.com and have a look.

3. Homestay

If you love socializing and want to get to know locals, www.homestay.com is just perfect for you. With Homestay, you basically stay with a local host in his/her home. You live with a local and also benefit from local experiences. For us, it was especially helpful when we traveled to countries where we couldn’t speak the local language. Most of the hosts do speak really good English, which was absolutely helpful to understand things and getting around. Although their current disadvantage is their relatively small offer but they are growing fast. It was always a unique experience for us every time we book with Homestay. We always had some great stories to tell our family and friends.

4. HomeAway

You can find really cheap apartments and entire houses all over the world on HomeAway. They have properties which are suitable for families or bigger travel groups who want to spend a holiday without noisy neighbors. It’s pretty simple to book as well. Like Airbnb, it saves your favorites, let you message rental owners and collects all your booking information. Don’t miss out on great accommodations, go to www.homeaway.com and sign up. Don’t worry, the registration is free. Try it, you won’t regret it.


Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO) might not be as known as Airbnb or HomeAway, but it has been operating since 1996 and has a super big variety of properties around the world. Furthermore, it is owned by HomeAway. We have made the experience that VRBO is best for family vacations or a group of five or more people since they are offering bigger holiday houses with backyards and pools. Don’t worry you can also find some nice accommodations for couples if you take time searching through the offers. If you have looked up on HomeAway and couldn’t find something suitable, VRBO is definitely worth a try, since they provide a lot of different properties. The interface of VRBO is pretty much the same as HomeAway, so everything is kept simple. Go to www.vrbo.com and have a look.

6. Flipkey

www.flipkey.com is a bit smaller than the other alternatives above, but still offers great places for an enjoyable holiday. You maybe have never heard of Flipkey but don’t be skeptical, it is owned by TripAdvisor and is really safe to use. For your information, Flipkey only offers private rooms and whole holiday apartments/houses. So you will really have your privacy and don’t have to share your holiday with other people. It is great for a holiday with your significant other or with some friends. We also love their detailed filter. You can literally filter your search by the surroundings you like, mountain view, sea view and so on. We can definitely recommend it.

Our personal choice?

To be honest, we use Airbnb most of the time, but our favorite alternative is definitely booking.com. Why? They not only have a huge offer of apartments, hotels, hostels and more but their interface is also really easy to use. You can always find something suitable for a very good price. While traveling from country to country we have only used Airbnb because we needed to save money and therefore only looked for the cheapest place to stay. We thought nothing will be cheaper than Airbnb but we were wrong. I was positively surprised when I have found out that booking.com also has pretty cheap offers. Try out those alternatives and find your own favorite option. Maybe you will also find another alternative we haven’t heard of yet.