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There are tips for almost every situation in life. The hard part is remembering all the things we should know to make our lives simple, safe and easy. Wouldn’t it be great if we did have an “Easy” button?

One way to learn and remember all these labor saving and life de-stressing shortcuts is to buy books or magazines. There are all sorts of magazines that proclaim tips or shortcuts that will save us from the ills of society and make our lives wonderful.

Haven’t you seen a magazine that has a headline such as,”17 decorating shortcuts for Halloween?” How about “20 ways to save $1,000 for Christmas shopping?” Books abound that give life changing bits of wisdom. There are ways to learn these things without do the tried and true method. Gain good judgment and wisdom by exercising bad judgment.

There is a lot to learn from using bad judgment. It might not take long to learn that you shouldn’t mess with an alligator. Even though you are drinking, the alligator doesn’t realize that you are just playing. His prehistoric mind thinks of you as a threat or a meal. That poor judgment might not take very long to learn.

Exercising poor judgment at the poker game might take many nights of gambling before you understand the intricacies of the game.

Aviation has many acronyms to remember tasks involved in flying. Words like “GUMPS” or “Cigartips” can be used to remember tasks in a certain order. “GUMPS” is used before landing. It stands for Gas, Undercarriage, Mixtures, Propellers, Safety Belts. Even with a simple saying like that, people still manage to land their airplanes with the landing gear up.

If those were the only things we had to remember it might be a perfect life.

Some books point out the obvious. One book reminded the reader to never speed while driving an automobile. If you didn’t speed, you would never get a ticket. Add to that the other obvious things. Make sure your insurance and licenses were all up to date. Don’t drink and drive. Keep your car filled up with fuel. That way you wouldn’t be out of gas and have to speed to make an appointment after you went by the gas station. Remember the first thing of never speeding.

After learning all these things, we still have to put them into our lives. Then we have to keep learning more. PAVE, CARE, PREPARE, and STOP. I’ve forgotten what some of those things mean. I still remember LAGS/LEADS and ANDS. I just don’t get to use them very much.

That’s another problem. All the things we can remember and use don’t seem to come about on a daily basis. All the things we learned in geometry and I almost never have to do a proof.

There is some sweetness in remembering this information. A recent flying student was learning about navigation. We were studying things about the compass and plotting a course on the map. An airline pilot was kidding about having to learn those things. The student was getting overwhelmed. I suggested asking the airline pilot to solve the navigation problem using the compass method. Of course the airline pilot had long quit navigating that way and had forgotten how to solve a problem like that. I also told the student once they had learned to do that problem for a test, they would probably never have to solve a problem like that again.

There is still a lot to learn and a lot to do. Some things are harder to learn than others.

Most people want to be rich. That can be learned with a simple phrase. “What is it, I truly desire?” If you know the answer to that, you will know what you are working for and you will surely become rich.

What if you want to be rich beyond your wildest dreams? That is even easier. All you have to do is learn one simple little word. To be rich beyond your wildest dreams simply TITHE.

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