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Three Areas of Focus from YouTube Entrepreneur Caleb Boxx on Making Sizeable Passive Income

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It did not come easy. Hard work and endless hours of creating and editing relevant content for YouTube was the path Caleb Boxx chose. Making a conscious decision, with his father’s blessing, Caleb opted to forgo the popular choice of his peers by entering college. Instead he chose to follow his passion. To create multimedia content, full-time, on the world’s largest online video sharing platform.

“I saw the other successful YouTube stars around me who were my mentors and in my close friend circle… they started to gain huge successes and were making six-figures in a single month. That got me hooked, to try to get to that point one day,” Caleb explains on seeing the light from being a YouTube content creator. 

From editing other YouTube channels to now running the phenomenally lucrative YouTube Automation Academy, Caleb is enjoying the fruits of his labor. “For me right now, we have two media offices fully staffed in Lubbock and Dallas, Texas, so we are trying to expand our team further and build out a huge production house to help other people automate their channels,” Caleb divulges in his where his business ventures reside at the moment. 

Given Caleb’s success and the high demand for what many young people are rushing towards to channel their inner creativity, how can one prosper by becoming a YouTube content creator?

YouTube Automation

Automation might not be a new method in theory but depending on the platform, the actual practice varies for its successful use. 

In a recent interview with Jay Feldman from his YouTube channel, Mentors Collective, Caleb details what automation exactly is. “We started to figure out a business model called YouTube Automation. At the time it wasn’t called that but later, me and a few others decided to name it that for marketing, but at the end of the day it is where you hire others to do the content for you and it creates passive income.”

It is about training other content creators and editors how to make videos that the original creator intended on producing. Caleb calls it outsourcing by education. The savings can end up giving creators more content to generate, more channels to release, and more money to spend. The end result: passive income and flexibility to invest in other projects. 

Tunnel Focus 

Caleb is adamant that tunnel focus is a huge part of reaching your YouTube channel goals for passive income. It is an innate behavior that many people will normally attempt to build several businesses at once instead of focusing on the first idea that got them to where they are in the first place.  

It is important for creators to not fall into the pitfall of seeing too far beyond their initial idea. If, for example, you intend to build your channel around fashion and design, maybe mixing in video gaming or how to grow a garden are not exactly content you want connected to the initial channel.  

In the end, it is about keeping continuity and creating similar subject matter to fit in one place.  Do not get lost in the content you create or the content you might end up handing off for automation. 


Networking is important to the health and growth of any business. Without the constant stream of new ideas and people to share those ideas with, content will indeed grow stale over time. 

Caleb magnifies this importance by explaining his early contact with MrBeast, a YouTube content creator with over 40 million subscribers. “One of them in the conversation (group conversation) was MrBeast. MrBeast now has almost 40 million subscribers and at the time he may have had only 800,000 subscribers. We would get in daily calls at the end of 2016 and we would talk about YouTube and how we could do certain things, basically studying little details that I would never have thought of doing that just made the biggest difference.”

It is about bouncing ideas off certain people in the industry. As they say, there is no such thing as a stupid question other then the one you do not ask. Communication and networking can leave lasting impacts on the channel you are thinking of creating. 

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