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This little paradise | Letters to Editor

By October 14, 2020 No Comments

Do we care what is happening globally to the collective workforce?

Should we question our capacity to understand what is new normal governance during a pandemic?

Why are all unionised Trinidad and Tobago workers being allegedly given the impression that retrenchment can only happen if you live in the First World?

Is it that pandemic or no pandemic, life will be business as usual?

Why deny the truth that must be told?

Money does not grow on trees. You cannot squeeze blood out of stone.

This is the T&T paradise where squatters have equal right to insist on 100 per cent running water, new roads and electricity in every home. This is the paradise where the people from Venezuela can dream to apply for legal status which will allow them to send for close relatives, of an indeterminate number.

Most surely, this is the ultimate paradise where you absolutely do not have to pay housing taxes.

Ask yourself this: there are thousands of aged born-in-T&T citizens with dual citizenship living abroad for 20, 30, 40, 50 some even 60-plus years, wanting to return. Do they qualify for CDAP, hospital care and pensions?

Will some end up squatting?

Should returnees contract Covid-19 and die, and have no living relatives in T&T, what happens next in this little paradise?

Lynette Joseph

Diego Martin

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