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This is how the people of Thanet are getting through the second lockdown

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Katie Boyden

By Katie Boyden

The people of Thanet, Kent have offered their advice for how to get through the second lockdown.

The lockdown, set to begin on Thursday, will see all non-essential businesses close to the public – but this time schools and universities will remain open.

Having already been through one national lockdown, for some people the prospect of another will be truly daunting.

So we decided to ask the people of Thanet for their words of advice.

Alex Roarke – The Kitchen CT9

Alex Roarke and Ann Newstead of the Thanet Iceberg Project and The Kitchen CT9 (Image: Tesco)

Alex Roarke, who is known as Roarke, co-runs The Kitchen CT9 which is a community led, pay-what-you-feel cafe and restaurant with community larder for people to help themselves.

Throughout the lockdown the community larder will be open from 10am to midday every weekday, and anyone experiencing loneliness or isolation is encouraged to share their details with them.

Roarke said: “If someone comes in we are here to talk to people. They can’t come into the cafe but if they come to the community fridge we can take their number and put them onto our call list.

“No-one should be alone this lockdown, so if anyone thinks they’re going to be we will make sure they’re not, they’ll get a call once a week.”

Amy Redmond, Margate Pride

Peter Tatchell and Margate Pride organiser AmyRedmond at a Sink The Pink event (Image: Sink the Pink)

Amy Redmond is one of the organisers at Margate Pride, a huge event which usually brings huge crowds together to celebrate diversity and love.

Unfortunately Pride was unable to go ahead this year due to the pandemic, but Amy has shared her top tips for getting through the lockdown:

“Margate Pride is for the whole community of Thanet. We are proud of ourselves and the wonderful place we live.

“Life is obviously more fabulous when we can be together. But our top tips for keeping spirits up as we head into a second lockdown are:

“1. Call your family and best mates daily

“2. Make your favourite meal and pretend you’re in a restaurant

“3. Find an online fitness class that floats your boat

“4. Meet one friend on the beach, bring a little speaker and have a dance

“5. Put a note through a neighbours door with your number asking if they need anything or just want a chat

“6. Have a car picnic, go on an adventure and dine out, in your car!

“7. If you are struggling reach out to someone you trust, has loads of awesome resources

“8. Start prepping for next years pride, plan a costume, make a banner, get proud.

“9. Create and make with clay, Clayspace on Northdown Road do a socially distanced drop in to collect and drop clay.

“10. Learn a language! One of our queens Janet District Council has been learning German online during lockdown, she’s also been roller skating everyday. Inspirational!

“Good luck everyone we can do this!”

Rick Everitt, leader of Thanet District Council

Rick Everitt is leader of Thanet District Council (Image: Thanet Labour)

Cllr Everitt shared his words of advice for residents in Thanet: “It’s only natural that people are apprehensive about the latest lockdown, especially at a time when the nights are drawing in and we’ll naturally be spending more time indoors anyway.

“I think it’s important to make an effort to communicate with family and friends if you can and try to keep the level of interaction that many of us would usually have during the day, especially if you normally work outside your home.

“If you’re aware of a neighbour or a friend who lives on their own, they might appreciate a call.

“It’s also important to get out and exercise if you can, even if that’s only a walk round the block.”

Dev Biswal, owner of the Ambrette, Margate

Dev Biswal runs the Ambrette restaurants in Margate and Canterbury (Image: Manu Palomeque)

Dev Biswal runs the well loved Ambrette restaurant in Margate and sees the adversity of lockdown as an opportunity to experiment with the business to stay afloat.

During the upcoming lockdown the Ambrette will offer breakfasts as well as the takeaway and delivery menu offered during the evenings in the first lockdown.

But he hopes to remind people a missing item in their order or a 15 minute delay on their takeaway isn’t the end of the world.

Dev shared this advice: “I think people feel they are responsible for our situation but I think compassion to ourselves and to others as a community, a group of human beings is the word, we need to stick together.

“I tell that to customers as well, we all strive to be perfect but we are working under huge pressure.

“Everybody is a human being, we need to let go a bit and be more compassionate to each other in the current climate.

“It’s a matter of perspective, nobody has the full information about the situation and everyone is trying to do their best.”

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