This is how one entrepreneur redefined sustainable e-shopping, bringing eco-conscious brand makers to the fore

With the rise of e-commerce in our country, one thing is clear, brands are taking strides to ensure that we get what we desire, as quickly as possible & for as low as possible. But in this process, the quality of the products we are using is only deteriorating. For starters, just think of the amount of preservatives used to increase the shelf life of the food we ingest. We all want to live instant lives, but truly, is that the way to live a longer, healthier, eco- conscious life?

Choosing brands that make eco-friendly products was a tedious process, until now. There is hope for people who want to use sustainable products.

One man understood this need. There is some distance between the people who look for quality products and the brands that make them. And this man bridged the gap with an e-portal called – Founded by Vinamra Pandiya in 2016, the journey from 0 to 100,000+ customers was not a walk in the park for him & his team.

Pandiya, over a period of 18 months created a niche with for the people who do not want to compromise on quality and choose to live a sustainable life. The portal now serves as a place for the quality conscious consumers where they can browse for eco-conscious brands. A ‘sustainable entrepreneur’ is what Vinamra Pandiya likes to call himself as he along with his wonderful team is making an effort to provide products that are made in a sustainable environment for the health & quality conscious.

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How the idea of germinated is also an interesting tale. While we all are on the move all the time, top food delivery apps have made it easier for us to order food online to anywhere we want, however, the scarcity of the healthy options remained an issue. And hardly anyone was focusing on providing snacks to munch on. From there, in 2016, the idea of started to develop and take shape. And slowly this formed into a curated marketplace for the naturally sustainable products, that were not just limited to food. curates the best of products from handpicked sellers across categories for its consumers. The company provides access to a cleaner, safer, and healthier lifestyle through the natural and sustainable products, while empowering local sellers and artisans to reach their true potential. They provide a platform for these sellers to sell their natural, chemical-free products which are made with passion and a purpose. So, ‘shop for good things’ is their simple effective motto.

Over time, the brand was able to break the clutter in e-commerce and shift the focus back on the necessity of unique and curated products for better living. As a trust-worthy platform, it has made a formidable ground for itself to be one-stop-shop for people who choose communities over corporates.

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The e-shopping experience at is quite unlike regular e-commerce website, all thanks to their curated products. When you shop from, you quip the seller to make more quality products. By doing this, you are putting faith in makers’ work which pushes him/her to bring a positive change in the world, where almost everything is mass-produced and sold at ‘competitive’ price. indulges you in a mindful shopping experience where you can buy products that are made naturally, that means they do not use harmful chemicals or preservatives. As Pandiya likes to put it, “I am trying to put out there in an e-commerce fashion but without corrupting the entire process of it.”

After fetching an investment worth $51.57 million, which is close to Rs 350 crore from Springboard Ventures, an investment arm of Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd, Qtrove is definitely ready to scale greater heights. In the next 5-years, they want to reach to as many as 3 to 5 million customers. And given the support they are getting from the users & sellers, they might be able to achieve it well before the projected time.

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