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The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate Bingo Card (Or Drinking Game) | by The Bold Italic Editors | Oct, 2020

Last week, we all collectively suffered through the most wretched presidential debate in American history—and you likely needed some (scratch that—a lot of) booze to help you through it.

According to the social medias, many of you found the bingo card/drinking game we made for that debate helpful. So we are rolling out a refreshed version for the vice presidential debate. On Wednesday, October 7, in Salt Lake City at 6 p.m. PDT/9 p.m. EDT, Democratic VP nominee Sen. Kamala Harris will take on VP Mike Pence in what is sure to be the closest Pence has ever been to a woman other than “Mother” (aka his wife.)

Only a few minor things have happened since last week’s debate, like President Donald Trump getting Covid-19, being flown to the hospital, taking a slew of experimental drugs, issuing weird-ass photos and videos from Walter Reed, and taking a dangerous joyride (all on top of a slew of other politicians announcing they also had the virus due to a superspreader event at the White House.) But that’s just another week in 2020.

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In all seriousness, the vice presidential debate will be interesting for many reasons. For one, we’ll see Harris on a national debate stage for only the second time — in her first, her debate skills showed as she went up again Joe Biden on busing and was declared the unofficial winner. Second, we’ll see how much Pence tries to bully and interrupt like Trump, or if he will (falsely) appear the rational counterpoint to the president.

Only one thing is certain: It will be a ride. And debate bingo is the one game where if you win, you lose — just because when it comes down to the debates, we all lose. On that note: Enjoy!

Download a full-resolution PDF of this bingo card here.

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