The 2018 Cryptocurrencies And Digital Assets Dialogue (CDAD) Event

You will soon be in a position to meet the influencers, thought provokers, founders and investors of this ever-growing market. All this will be taking place at the Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets Dialogue 2018. One that you should not miss out on, read on to find out why this event should have already been marked on your calendar.

About The 2018 CDAD Event

The Ministry of Justice has endorsed the Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets Dialogue 2018 as the official private and public dialogue event. It is where the blockchain stakeholders together with the regulators will be in a position to meet for the Vietnam crypto future.

It will be an opportunity to pick the minds of founders, thought leaders, developers, traders, investors, enthusiasts, influencers and advisors on the current trends taking place in the market. The topics that will be covered in this international conference will include the latest trends that have been seen taking place in the market, the technical developments that keep happening each day, and much more.

It is about time that we all herald in the new year surrounding the crypto and digital assets, and for it to excel it is best if we all do it together.

The event has been considered to be the very first official public dialogue that will be discussed in Vietnam, one that you would not want to miss out on. The event has been made open to a number of people, so expect to see a broad group of individuals attending. It is from the government leaders, CXO’s, influencers, investors, the experience zone startups and many more.

The event will also have a list of speakers; it is from the creators of Ethereum, the Ministry of Justice, various founders and investors. For the two-day event, they have ensured they have gotten a group of speakers who are able to shed some light on this industry.

It will be held at Intercontinental Hanoi Landmark 72. Ensure to purchase your tickets early enough, as the early bird ticket will save you a few coins.

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