Tailor-Turned-Serial Killer from MP Murdered 30 People, And He Doesn’t Even Remember Them All

The world we live in is defined by money and it is almost astonishing how it makes one do the most vile things. While there are umpteen examples to prove our point, here is a case of a man who committed a series of murders to become rich. Yes, you have heard that right!

According to Hindustan Times, 48-year-old Aadesh Khambra, a man from Madhya Pradesh claimed to have killed 29 truck drivers and cleaners as a part of more than six inter-state gangs. Apart from that, he has also assassinated a man from Hoshangabad on contract. What’s surprising is the fact that Khambra has always managed to keep his name out of the most wanted criminals’ list.

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He also stated that he has killed several more people which he does not remember but can try to recollect with a little help from the police.

However, the police arrested Khambra on Friday and thought him to be a tailor who had turned into a petty criminal. Much to their surprise, his horrific revelations have now left the police scratching their heads. The police have also sent out forces to track down his gangs and other criminals in Bhopal, UP and MP. Speaking about the same, Bhopal (south) superintendent of police Rahul Lodha said,

“Initially, we didn’t think that Khambra was a serial killer given his calm and composed nature. But later, his revelations were shocking to us. He has no regret for what he has done. We are interrogating him with the help of a psychologist.”

According to the Police, Khambra began his journey as a tailor in the Mandideep Industrial area, 25 km from Bhopal. He shook hands with a gang from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, in 2010 for earning more money. His initial days were all about befriending truck drivers and persuading them to attend a roadside liquor party. As days passed by he started to kill the drivers and cleaners with the help of sedatives. In the year 2014, he was taken into custody but got away with a bail.

According to Lodha, Khambra revealed that he got 50,000 for each case. If his confessions are to be believed, it was Khambra’s son’s accident which forced him into serial killing.

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“Khambra told police that he used to get Rs 50,000 for every case. When he joined the gang, his motive was to earn money but a few years ago his son met with an accident and he had to take loans for his treatment. He got involved in more crimes to repay the debt, as per his confession.”

Even after getting the news of his arrest, Khambra’s family kept themselves away from meeting him.

What a shocking story! It is extremely shameful how India has been a thriving ground for brutal crimes like murders and rape. It is high time we take a powerful stride towards stopping these barbaric acts, which can lead us to an absolute black hole in the near future.

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