Study reveals this personality type shouldn’t work from home

Working from home sounds like a dream come true, however a new study has shown some personality types actually end up more stressed out when they work remotely.

Published in the European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology, researchers surveyed 403 working adults to measure their autonomy (level of independence), emotional stability, and strain (exhaustion, disengagement, and dissatisfaction).

The results found that those who have high emotional stability and autonomy work productively at home, while those you have high levels of job autonomy and lower levels of emotional stability are more likely to end up stressed and anxious.

“If something stressful happens at work, a person who is high on emotional stability would take it in stride, remain positive, and figure out how to address it,” said the study’s lead author Sara Perry, PhD.

“A person low on emotional stability might get frustrated and discouraged, expending energy with those emotions instead of on the issue at hand.”

The research shows that although working from home provides employees a level of flexibility, for some people in particularly, it might not be beneficial for your emotional and mental health.

“If someone doesn’t handle stress well in the office, they’re not likely to handle it well at home either.”

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