Streamers have reached their final form: cryptocurrency

By October 16, 2020 No Comments

Blockchain protocols make it possible to prove ownership of digital stuff, which has some neat applications. Brian Fargo is using the tech to build a marketplace for pre-owned digital games, as an example. But it’s also the buzzword behind countless “revolutionary” platforms that haven’t revolutionized anything, off-shore investment schemes, Twitter scams, and far too many webinars. I’m automatically skeptical of any email that features “crypto” in the subject line, which definitely included the latest pitch: Give streamers and other creators their own cryptocurrencies. 

The natural question is: Why? The group behind the platform, Rally, gave me a few answers. The main reason, in their view, is the freedom to make money outside the rules and fees of platforms like Twitch.

Creator Coins, and the point of them 

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