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It is critical to have good counsellors and advisers at every level in society – whether civil society, the Church or the government. When there are no good advisers within a nation, then we will automatically have problems -possibly chaos, loss of life, loss of power, loss of favour and even loss of sovereignty. Proverbs 11:14 says: “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.”

Going beyond the job description

Advisers must have insight, foresight and strong discernment of times and seasons. They must also be motivated by the right source. Many advisers are now leading their leaders over a precipice and we are now seeing many leaders creating systems to control the masses.

There is no system that has the capacity to exclude/remove God from controlling man or nations. God established all three types of government: family, Church and civil. He is supreme and all are accountable to Him. God did not give man dominion over man, only over the resources. What he does is give us the capacity to reproduce, replenish and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fouls of the air and so on. Many advisers and leaders are going beyond their job description and are building systems and organisations for a fall. Worship belongs only to God.

Many may think that technological upgrades can replace God, but we are about to see those upgrades and technologies create havoc; because those same systems they have built are about to turn things upside down and will have the potential to be used against those who established them. Realise that oftentimes, many of the creators of the software are the ones who also create the viruses, malware, ransomware, and so on that attack the computer systems.

Many times we have seen rich leaders and their advisers try to fit everything into a business model-passing laws based on profit, income or one’s financial status. Hence, we are in danger of becoming stateless or homeless. Furthermore, if one falls on hard times, They are at risk of becoming neglected and forgotten outcasts.

What if God begins to tie one’s salvation to one’s financial status or deeds? It means that very few would enter the pearly gates. The state of Heaven would just be for a few.

Don’t Rob The Poor

When the rich begin to treat the poor based on their income or personal circumstances even as one falls on hard times, then God will begin to move His grace and we will begin to see if it is the rich or the poor that affects a nation’s economy. How many poor people get tax write-offs, waivers, and tax benefits?

There are many nations being restructured to exclude the poor. Jesus became poor for us to become rich. God is looking for rich leaders – whether it be in finance or in knowledge – to begin to empower the poor or be a voice for the poor so that they too can become rich.

Many of these ‘societal architects’ don’t recognise that Proverbs 21:13 says: “Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard.”

We must never mess around with the poor, because God hears their cries. Read also Psalm 69: 33.Think about this seriously. Further to this, they are cutting into or taking away the portion that belongs to the poor and are keeping for themselves.

Are the present advisers in touch with the reality of what is truly going on at the ground level, or are they making decisions based on extrapolated numbers and whims? Are advisers making decisions with mercy and compassion?

Organisational examination

Every organisation needs to examine their advisers to see whether or not their organisation is benefiting from their expertise. Some organisations are wasting money and resources by going outside instead of looking within.

We are about to see a testing of all advisers – by the flood, the fire and the rain – to see what inspires their decision-making (Matthew 7: 24 – 27). The question is: Will they be able to stand up to God’s building code, or will they be in violation and bring a great fall?

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