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Report: Remote work benefits employers, too | Articles

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The 9-to-5 workplace paradigm is undergoing a seismic shift—and it could be good news for everyone.

Business Insider reports on a German study’s findings that allowing employees to work remotely leads to a “long-term increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.” That, of course, can be an essential ingredient for any company looking to increase profits, production and morale.

Many companies have been loath to relinquish the accountability, camaraderie and collaboration inherent in office life, but modern workers tend to value flexibility more than just about any other perk. Employers willing to give workers the freedom to work from wherever could create a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Much of this argument boils down to control. Many company leaders feel the looming presence of a “boss” or authority figure serves to light a motivational fire under workers. However, as Business Insider writes:

About 60 percent of the employees who took part in the Institute of German Economics’ survey were very satisfied with their job where companies opted for lower levels of control — and, of course, control is much lower when working from home.

Business Insider also quoted a researcher involved in the study:

Some companies are still afraid of losing control through allowing employees to work from home, or fear giving them more flexible working hours — but our study clearly shows that there’s no reason for this.

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