Remote work changes how employees live their lives, view work-life balance

Remote work is growing increasingly popular in the workforce—in fact, only 3% of employees reported never working from home, according to a LogMeIn survey on Tuesday. The report surveyed more than 3,000 business professionals worldwide to determine how important remote work is for an individual’s life.

The option to work remotely is vital to employees because of the flexibility it offers, said the report. Some 24% of workers said working remotely has influenced major life decisions; and 40% of workers ages 25-44 said being able to care for loved ones is a massive benefit to remote work, added the report.

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Employees take remote work into serious consideration when making a career move: 60% of respondents said they would be more likely to take a job if there was a remote work option. Some 28% of employees would even take a lower-paying job if it allowed them to work outside of the office, said the report.

Not only is the flexibility a major selling point, but remote work also helps employees save on finances. According to the report, 30% of employees saved money working remotely because their commuting costs were eliminated. Overall, 42% of people said their lives would be negatively affected without the option of remote work, added the report.

Working remotely also benefits the enterprise as a whole. Some 41% of respondents reported the ability to work remotely as “very important” to the future of business, especially with the evolution of technology. One in five respondents even reported living more environmentally healthy lives with remote work.

“What we found was that while collaboration technology is often lauded for its beneficial effects on our work lives—greater flexibility in scheduling, better communication with far-away coworkers, and increased collaboration and contact with clients—it is also positively affecting how we live our lives outside of work,” wrote Eduardo Cocozza, LogMeIn vice president of product marketing and growth strategy.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The option to work remotely is vital for employees, with 60% of employees reporting that they would more likely take a job if it offered the option to work remotely. — LogMeIn, 2018
  • Some 41% of employees think working from home is vital to the future of business, as only 3% of employees don’t ever work remotely. —LogMeIn, 2018.

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