Reinventing outsourcing model with remote work

FOR all the traffic and commuting problems besetting the country’s metropolitan office-based workforce, a legitimate work-from-home scheme that was introduced recently is practically reinventing the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry the way we know it.

CrewBloom founders Brianna Carney and Kate Ringcodan

Remote outsourcing agency CrewBloom is making strides with its innovative and radical approach to helping companies grow. This involves removing the need for a physical office, resulting in cost savings of up to 70 percent and business growth that is two to four times faster.

This remote setup achieves high employee retention and consistent performance by offering contractors that desired work-life balance. It also provides the Philippine call center environment with flexibility and appropriate rewards given for hard work.

Founders Brianna Carney and Kate Ringcodan is the one-two-punch behind CrewBloom, and the impact it is making in an industry populated by a big chunk of Filipino manpower is clear.

“The Philippines is a breeding ground for highly educated professionals with native-level command of the English language and experience working for international brands that empower them to compete in global markets,” Carney and Ringcodan said.

After traveling around Asia, Carney linked the robust Filipino workforce with US businesses looking to scale. She and Ringcodan set out to distinguish CrewBloom by outlining a rigorous screening process to applicants and clients alike, picking only the top two remote professionals in the Philippines and clients supporting human-centric workplace.

With such an elite workforce, CrewBloom focused on helping US companies evolve for just a fraction of a cost and minus the risks.

With a 100-percent remote model, these companies enjoy up to 70-percent reduction in overhead costs. No need to spend on infrastructure, technology, taxes, and healthcare benefits.

Being an environmental advocate also makes CrewBloom a model all its own by reducing carbon footprint.

This new way of oursourcing with CrewBloom ensures that working remotely is well on its way to be the future of workplaces and businesses.

After meeting Carney and starting CrewBloom, Ringcodan learned how to build a company from the ground up.

From operations to recruitment, she developed innovations in retaining the top 2 percent of English-speaking Filipino professionals in the call center space.

“I hope to even expand our reach in the Philippines by offering more services, thus, opening more work-from-home job opportunities,” she said.

The out-of-the-box professional champions positive work culture and team collaboration, being a firm believer that empathetic leaders build better company foundations in the long run.

Through its human-centric remote model, CrewBloom makes sure it delivers the lowest attrition rate in the outsourcing space by promoting work-life balance and flexibility. This scenario quickly translates to consistent performance, high productivity, and a happier workforce overall.

To meet global business standards, the company serves as the connector in the outsourcing industry by providing companies struggling to find and afford top talents with a pool of the top 20 out of 1,000 applicants. It also requires its client-partners a proven, replicable training process.

Simply put, there’s no point of going through the hassles of traffic when you can deliver the goods at home.

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