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Reddcoin (RDD) Ready for ReddID as HODL Finance Loans See RDD Price Gain 20%

By September 30, 2018 No Comments

Reddcoin (RDD) is among the most promising coins that are designed with the social media goer in mind. The uniqueness of the platform is that it has the user as the focal point and makes it possible for the social media addicts get rewarded according to their online activities. The system latterly tracks your activity and you get rewarded for it using the RDD coin.

Social media sites have one thing in common; the like, share and response buttons and these have been able to tell apart good and bad content. These three functions can be monetized and that is where Reddcoin peer to peer tipping comes in.

How Reddcoin (RDD) and Social Networks Work

Traditional social media systems have for long misused their loyal audiences and Reddcoin is disrupting that by introducing an outfit that will allow social media goers sent and receive RDD coin as rewards for contribution on the networks. What’s more; you are not charged a dime. All you need is downloading the Reddcoin wallet, funding it and setting it up with affiliate social networks like Reddit, Twitter and Twitch and you are ready to reward and get rewarded.

However, Reddcoin has more utility functions apart than just a tool for rewarding. The coin is also an online payment enabler to make purchases on online stores. RDD holders can now purchase gams from Forune.Jack. Plans are under way to add Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The idea is to create a hub where multiple social network users can create their accounts and use a central wallet for all their transactions and earn passive income on top of the rewards. Passive income on Reddcoin platform is gained through minting which consumes less power compared to mining.

Reddcoin (RDD) Attractiveness

Since the beginning of September, Reddcoin has become a hit and the RDD price has shown great strides in recovery. The unveiling of the ReddID appears to be drawing a lot of activity and the price has shot over the last 24-hour trading session to hit the double digit territory and gain against the green buck.

ReddID is set to change the uptake of social networks as Reddcoin will provide an extra secure layer that will keep user identities under wraps and protected against hacks and other vulnerabilities including identity theft. The one click feature opens the hidden potential in the industry and RDD value is set for a boom. The feature makes it possible to host lighter wallets that are ideal for smartphones.

Reddcoin (RDD) Price Outlook

The price of RDD is on the rise and has in the last few hours hit a high of $$0.004563 after a massive gain of 20.11% against the green buck. The spike comes at a time when the Reddcoin ecosystem broken the news that RDD holders can access crypto backed fiat loans. The facility will be made possible through HODL Finance and this is poised to be the best news for the community in a long time.

In a short tweet, the good news read in part:

Reddcoin @reddcoin

“#ReddHeads, have you wished for a way to get a #fiat #loan and still keep your #precious #RDD? Now you can! #Reddcoin #Core is pleased to announce a new partnership with HODL #Finance! ( ) #Crypto & #token backed loans. #BTC #ETH”

-25 Sep, 2018

The anticipated ReddID launch has also contributed to the spike and additional Reddcoin (RDD) uptake will the see the price hold longer and could hit a new high before close of Q4. Reddcoin could be facing fierce competition from other blockchain startups but it has an upper hand from social networks support.


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