Prime Minister’s top civil servant touts youth enrichment at TECC

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Permanent Secretary at Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Policy and Coordination, Professor Faustine Kamuzora said in Dar es Salaam last week while on a visit to Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Centre, that the centre should amend and probably rebrand its training manuals to focus on wealth creation and youth enrichment.

Prof Kamuzora insisted that this is the right time for the nation’s largest productive force to play a leading role not only in championing economic growth through engaging in income generating activities.

“This large population of youths in the country should be properly trained and equipped because it is an engine for economic growth and by giving them entrepreneurship skills, business techniques and life skills they will become more productive hence contributing to GDP growth,” Prof Kamuzora noted.

He added that with current statistic showing that over 34 percent of the total population are youths, it is important that TECC equips this group of people with skills not only to graduate from the poverty class but also to become rich business people.

”You should rethink about rebranding your products and exchanging your  training manuals by including a wealth creation and enrichment section because entrepreneurship is a gateway to overcome poverty and become rich,” he stressed.

Among other things, the PMO’s top most civil servant advised TECC to introduce angel investors who can put their money in good business concepts which the young graduate entrepreneurs come up with for implementation.

He also advised TECC to start working in partnership with tertiary colleges and universities so as to create a link with students to get entrepreneurship training as part and parcel of expanding the centre’s operations across the country.

“But there is also urgent need to expand your services to rural areas where the majority of youth are engaging in various productive activities such as farming,” he observed.

In her welcoming remarks to the PS, TECC’s Chairperson, Beng’i Issa said the centre plans to improve by updating the training manuals and modules so that youth who undergo it get a change in attitude regarding their perceptions relating to entrepreneurship, business and life skills.

Issa pointed out that the TECC which is product of three different institutions, namely National Economic Empowerment Council, Commission of Science and Technology and Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, has a core objective of giving equipping young people with entrepreneurship and business skills training.

She promised to work on Prof Kamuzora’s directive to identify angel investors and link them with the youths so that they can easily access capital to implement their business ideas or expanding existing businesses.

“This concept is very new in the country (angel investors) in which an investor can be attracted by a business proposal from an entrepreneur and decides to invest,” Issa who is also Executive secretary of NEEC noted.

On his part, Executive Director of TECC, Sosthenes Sambua urged youths to embrace the centre’s new modules training programs which aim at imparting latest skills to improve business management and competitiveness in the market.

“What you have said is true on upgrading our training manuals and modules to meet current market needs,” Sambua said while acknowledging the PMO Permanent Secretary’s earlier advice.

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