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Play the Hand You’re Dealt & Let the Chips Fall Where They May: Meet Jamaree’ James |

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2020 / Jamaree’ James is a transcendent Serial Entrepreneur, who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. To date Jamaree’ has worked in Corporate America along with various industries including Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Airbnb, Credit Repair, Travel Hacking, and Amazon Automation. The former D2 Athlete who played four years at The University of West Georgia, has always been geared towards finding ways to build his wealth and stay goal oriented. With former aspirations of a career long term in football, Jamaree’ made a turn into online ventures over the past two years. During this time Jamaree’ has developed key characteristics that have allowed him to successfully catapult into different industries and start to build his own generational wealth.

Jamaree‘ explained that through his life he’s been considered a jack of all trades stating, “I am a financial strategist with the goal of empowering those around me, especially those of underserved groups in society who weren’t invited to the financial table. With that goal in mind I plan to continue to provide access to the knowledge I’ve obtained. This knowledge will allow me to better serve my community so that everyone can raise their financial knowledge to impact their families for generations to come.”

In just a short amount of time Jamaree’ has accomplished major financial feats in the Forex, Stocks and the Crypto markets as both a mentor and a trader. He is also a teacher of credit and wealth management in addition to thriving as an investor in Airbnb real estate. What motivated Jamaree’ to get into entrepreneurship was his desire to create something bigger than himself and to educate those who don’t have access to certain knowledge that can permanently change their lives.

For most entrepreneurs, at one point or another we’ve all faced stereotypes and naysayers. For Jamaree‘ as an African American male in America he explained, “Throughout my career I’ve always been an underdog. I’ve faced the stereotype of my intellectual capacity being judged based upon my skin color or the fact I played football. That always drove me to over-achieve academically.” James has also faced a lot of adversity, stating that he has dealt with the politics of collegiate sports in addition to Corporate America as well. He states the most grueling time of my life was having to train for his shot at the NFL while also studying to complete his final 18 hours of his master degree. He says he got through that tough time by always remembering to “Play the hand you are dealt and allow the chips to fall where they may.”

He praises his mother for her discipline, stability and great leadership as a parent. Jamaree’ went on to say it was her fundamentals that helped him build his identity as a child to confidently believe he could accomplish anything he set his mind to. He states, “She told about the detrimental mistakes she made growing up that altered her future and what she wishes she did differently. For her to swallow her pride and admit her mistakes to me was deep looking back on it but it shaped my mindset and gave me the confidence to blaze my own trail and to never be a follower. One of his most memorable quotes of his mother as a child is, “Whatever controls your emotions controls you and a focused, intelligent and disciplined black man is the biggest threat to modern society.” James went on to say it was this statement that challenged him to do and become more. He states, ” We all get comfortable but it’s those uncomfortable seasons of life that force us to grow.”

Jamaree’s next projects include building a cost effective course that will cover the different financial educational avenues for those around him to learn and apply into their own lives. To learn more about Jamaree’ or get in contact with him you can follow him here on Instagram, click here.


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