Pic story: young entrepreneur’s business brings fortune to hometown – Xinhua


Villagers sort out yellow chrysanthemums at the chrysanthemums planting base in Songlin Village, Lin’e Township of Qianjiang Distrcit, southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, Nov. 1, 2016. Jian Yixiang, 34, was born in the village in Chongqing. In late 2009, he quitted his job in downtown Chongqing and returned home to take care of his illed mother, during which he started to grow tremella. By 2011, he had set up seven tremella-planting workshops and a specialized cooperative. To expand channels for increasing incomes, Jian established a company dedicated to yellow chrysanthemum planting in 2014, where over 50 households joined him. At present, the annual output value of his company has reached 3 million yuan (437,579 U.S. dollars), and villagers working in his company have shaken off poverty. (Xinhua/Yang Min)

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