Personalised mapping of cumulated location-based content

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA – With erratic timings and places for consuming the information available on the internet as readers, saving relevant information can become a challenging task. The Mappost app, solves this problem by pinning location-based content on the user’s personal map with ease of access on phone, desktop and laptop alike.

If travel brands tailored information and overall customer experience based on personal preferences or past behaviour 36% customers would be likely to pay for their service. Furthermore, 38% of travel bookings are made on the same day or two days before a trip, 53% are made within a week of a trip and just 19% are made in advance (Phocuswright, 2017). The Mappost app thrives on the above while it cumulates the past pinned information (specifically relevant to each individual user) under a single platform making it easier for access. The applicationaims to personalize user relevant information on the go with a single click eliminating the need for tagging and saving specific articles or remembering them mentally.

With Mappost solutions, users can access all the pinned information on the go and this comes with some great advantages like:

  • saving articles and information about places to visit on a personal map
  • access all cumulated information under a single umbrella
  • providing a quick visual and personalised mapping of user-relevant information
  • eliminating the need for searching archives or mentally remembering  information

Launched in June 2018, Mappost is a mobile application developed by entrepreneurs David Pyne, MJ Lin and Lynn Lin. It targets shoppers, travellers(both business and leisure) and digital nomads primarily by cumulating personalised location-based content available with a single click. By providing this information across phones, laptops and desktops, Mappost aims to resolve the problem of individual retrieval of information.

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