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Personal Finance and Business Editor (Work from Home) job with IWT

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The Giant Hairy Problem You’ll Be Solving

IWT is looking for a personal finance & business editor to work remotely and lead a team of writers. Our goal is to lead with creative and create high-quality articles on money and business for our 1+ million monthly readers. Our free content needs to be good to attract buyers for our premium video courses. No clickbait and no listicles. Instead, we write personal-finance material like this and business material like this.

The ideal candidate has written for a publisher with premium content, has managed a team of writers to conceptualize and edit long-form, “advice-style” content, and has built processes to scale to multiple articles per day.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Execute content marketing strategy to produce high-quality content on money and business, increasing scale while maintaining quality
  • Manage a team of writers to identify topics and combine creative brainstorming with data (e.g., keyword research and email CTRs).
  • Report on success of content in attracting new readers and subscribers
  • Coordinate content distribution through all channels, including social media and email

You’ll Work On Projects Like…

You’ll have a direct and daily impact on the quality and quantity of content we share, as well as the growth of the business.

We’re looking for consistent, high-quality content posted on a regular basis. You’ll need to be experienced in content marketing, content creation, and managing a team of writers.  

This is a full-time role, 100% remote position. Must be US based.

Important: You should have a strong background in premium content and organic traffic.

You’ll be responsible for recruiting top writing talent to make IWT and GrowthLab best in class. It will be up to you to create an efficient, scalable content creation process that allows your team to deliver high volume of exceptional quality.

About Us

IWT builds no-BS personal development brands that deliver real results. We currently run two:

  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich, which helps readers live a Rich Life by mastering their personal finances
  • GrowthLab, which helps readers start and grow an online business

People hear about us from the reputation of our content — our articles, a New York Times best-selling book, our appearances in the New York Times and on TV — which brings them to our site. If they like what they see, they join our email list and eventually join one of our premium programs.

  • 1 million readers and 35,000+ paying customers

  • We own our platform, including an email list of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. We also have hundreds of thousands of fans on social media,

  • A New York Times best-selling book on personal finance and 15+ digital courses on business, money, and psychology.

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