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PassTo removes remittance fees to support expats affected by the COVID-19 disruption

PassTo is giving a chance to every expat in the United Kingdom to cut down their money transferring expenses into nothing after the coronavirus outbreak

LONDON, Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — London-based PassTo has a clear objective to increase financial inclusion through its mobile app. Saving expats’ time, effort, and money by removing all types of transfer fees. Simplifying money transfers for expats and reducing unnecessary costs and delays during the COVID-19 disruption.

Since its launch in late 2019, PassTo has experienced a rapid growth in terms of customer acquisition and support right before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. And out of social responsibility, PassTo has decided to take a vital step to further aid each expat in the UK and to repay its customers by completely removing transfer fees due to the ongoing financial effects of the coronavirus.

In these aching times, expats around the world are having to manage financial pressures due to reduced income and unemployment. What makes this even more worrying is the expected drop in global remittances, which is estimated to fall by almost 20% in 2020, possibly the biggest decline in recent history.

Studies show that remittances can massively diminish poverty in lower- and middle-income countries. A tiny fall in remittances can directly affect a lot of families’ and their ability to pay for expenses like children’s education, as they are forced to redirect their finances to solve immediate problems, health needs and food shortages (according to the world bank organization.)

“The COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching consequences: health and economic. And if nothing else, this pandemic has shown us all the interdependence of countries around the world, and we have a responsibility to face this problem together,” said PassTo’s CEO Ragheb El Sergani. “That is why we have taken the decision to remove all remittance fees from our customers, many of whom rely on PassTo to remit funds to dependent families for basic household necessities,” El Sergani added.

El Sergani has further explained that the world is currently in a state of emergency, and that everyone needs to step up so they can help make people’s lives better. That is why PassTo took it upon themselves to continue making their customers’ financial well-being their priority.

After establishing themselves as a reliable remittance application to expats living in the UK, PassTo has recently decided to launch their COVID-19 campaign in an attempt to make every expat’s life a bit easier by removing all types of fees on international transfers to help them save this money for more important situations during the coronavirus outbreak.

PassTo was launched in late 2019, a trading brand of Blabla Connect Limited – a UK technology business founded in 2012 – owning and managing the Blabla Connect app which is an international VOIP service with over 2 million downloads worldwide, both apps are free to download on Android and IOS.

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