Ooni hiring 10 people to work from home taste-testing pizza

Eat pizza like it’s your job? Now it can be.

Portable pizza oven company Ooni is looking to hire 10 pizza taste-testers who will get paid anywhere from $300 to $1,000 a day.

For the job, you will have to make your own pizzas, whether experimenting on your own pizza recipes or following the company’s recipes and tweaking them, and the company will pay for all ingredients.

Potential pizza tasters will also test and provide feedback on new pizza products from taste to presentation. Having experience making pizza dough and cooking pizza will be a huge advantage for the candidates, according to the contest rules, though the most important quality is having enthusiasm for cooking and a love of pizza.

Once hired, pay will be determined based on experience and how much time can be invested. Applicants can choose how many hours to work a day, which should be mentioned in the application.

Ooni is interested in “novices through to professional pizzaioli,” Darina Garland, co-founder of Ooni, tells CNBC Make It.

The $300 day rate, for example “would be appropriate for someone who is a passionate home cook who hasn’t worked professionally, and who understands how to make and stretch their own dough.” The $1,000-a-day level would be “for really standout candidates who have added skill sets. For instance, someone who’s great at making pizza as well as filming their own high quality content, or someone who’s great at making pizza and has worked at cooking demonstrations for large crowds, would command a higher rate.”

Those selected for the job, will be appointed a permanent, ongoing part-time role in the areas of product testing or recipe development. They will also be sent an Ooni wood-fired pizza oven, which the company says cooks pizza in 60 seconds and is designed for cooking outdoors.

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