New Self Improvement Book by San Diego Entrepreneur Stephen Dela Cruz Shows You How Success Is All B.S!

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SAN DIEGO, Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In business and in life often you are programmed with negative belief systems that hold you back from getting what you deserve in life! But it’s not your fault! Do you ever wonder why you have self-sabotaging habits? Have you found yourself at the end of a day asking how did I get here? Are you ready to know the secrets behind the B.S. in your mind? Your B.S. is your belief system and we want you to have the power to leave your old B.S. behind and create a belief system that supports you!

Success is All B.S.” follows the stories of multiple entrepreneurs and the tips they have for you to work through any negative programming that has been instilled in your life.

“With this book you have the power to create a new belief system that will support you and your vision,” said Stephen Dela Cruz, San Diego’s business and sales coach. “No matter if you are in business, or trying to build a better mindset for your life, we all have negative beliefs that hold us back from reaching our full potential. This book was written for those that don’t want their past to define them, but instead want to be someone that helps shape the future.”

“Reading this book as a 24 year old woman has helped me understand that my past only has as much power over me as I give it. In a world where the first instinct is to blame someone else Success Is All B.S. has helped me accept responsibility for my life and future,” said Kristen Crooks.

About Stephen Dela Cruz

Stephen Dela Cruz is San Diego’s business and sales coach. Making his first million at age 25, Stephen now owns ten corporations all generating seven figures in revenue annually.

Starting as a troubled teen, Stephen worked his way from juvenile hall to a penthouse apartment in San Diego. But success was not without struggles. Running ten corporations put more stress on Stephen then his body could handle and soon he had a stroke. That is when Stephen decided to start giving back to the world, and teach others how to create success with significance, and income with impact.

Stephen not only runs a sales and marketing mastermind, but also owns San Diego’s only printed entrepreneurship magazine, Life By Design.

Through the power of serving Stephen has made his millions, but now he wants to show you how to build your success. Writing “Success Is All B.S.” is a new way for Stephen to give back, and help entrepreneurs just like you to change your mindset and connect with mentor. Now the proud author of three books, Stephen continues to give to the entrepreneur community in San Diego through trainings, events, and so much more.

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