New Cryptocurrency Developed from Nils Grossberg’s Vision is Becoming Increasingly Popular

The user base of Dagcoin is rapidly growing. Following are some of the factors that are contributing heavily towards making Dagcoin cryptocurrency the preferable means of payment of the future.

( — March 15, 2019) — Nils Grossberg,  a man with a vision to change the world for the better, established Dagcoin OÜ in May, 2017, the software company behind the development of Dagcoin cryptocurrency and the entire digital environment around it consisting of Dagpay, DagWallet, SwipeX, and Merchant Finder. Within a short while after its launch, Dagcoin has taken the cryptocurrency market by storm as it completely solved the two primary issues of increasing transaction costs and elevating confirmation times that exist with blockchain based cryptocurrencies, and the developers associated with blockchain have failed to find a working solution for the same so far.

The popularity and the user base of Dagcoin are growing with each passing moment and following are the factors that are contributing heavily towards making Dagcoin cryptocurrency the preferable means of payment of the future.

  • Transactions get confirmed instantly

Dagcoin is based on the DAG-chain. In the DAG-chain, the transaction done prior to the current transaction is responsible for sending a confirmation for the current transaction. As such, there is no need for an external miner to participate in the transaction confirmation process. Hence, a transaction gets confirmed, almost instantly. Whereas in the case of Bitcoin users, sometimes have to wait for hours to get their transaction confirmed.

  • Transaction cost involved is minimum

In the case of blockchain based cryptocurrencies, with more number of users, the transaction cost is rising as well. However, this is not the case with Dagcoin as a transaction cost is around 0.0005 USD.

  • Performance of Dagcoin won’t deteriorate

While in traditional blockchain based cryptocurrencies, the performance of the coin deteriorates with more number of users, then this is not the case with Dagcoin. Since Dagcoin is based on the DAG-chain, with more number of users, the performance gets even better. Hence, cryptocurrencies based on DAG-chain are completely scalable.

  • Requires Less Processing Power

As you already know that the role of an external miner is eliminated altogether in the case of Dagcoin, it takes drastically less energy, as compared to blockchain based cryptocurrencies, to maintain the DAG-chain.

Nils Grossberg wanted to develop a cryptocurrency that is not seen just as an investment tool, but is adopted by the population for their daily financial transactions. Dagcoin is extremely simple to use making it highly convenient to get adopted by users. Moreover,  the instant transaction confirmation and minimum transaction costs also contribute to the same. Dagcoin is the best mode for the people living in areas where the centrally managed banking services are absent to take their financial transactions online.


By taking into account all the above-mentioned factors it is easy to understand as to why the user base of Dagcoin is evolving with each passing day. The community associated with Dagcoin is flourishing, thereby, boosting the chances of Dagcoin rendering the blockchain as an old technology. The whole idea, of an ideal cryptocurrency, of Nils Grossberg stands true in the form of Dagcoin which has, indeed, much better and brighter than the blockchain based cryptocurrencies.

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