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Naturalisation application – self employed

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I am filling in ‘Additional employment details‘ in my naturalisation application, where it asked me ‘Have you had any other work over the past 10 years or since you came to the UK?’

In some of these years, I was self-employed. I did not earn more than £2800 a year, and did not pay any taxes as a result. My self-assessment tax returns contain zeros in tax on the HMRC website.

the only reference in the AN Guide I have found is ‘Self-employed applicants If you do not pay tax through Pay As You Earn (PAYE) arrangements, we require the most recent HM Revenue & Customs Self-Assessment Statement of Account.’

I started a normal PAYE job in September 2020 and stopped being self-employed.

do I need to mention this period in an answer to this question? thank you.




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