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NANCY SWENSON: Urges residents to ‘vote your values’ during election

By October 3, 2018 No Comments


Donald Trump said recently that a vote for Republican candidates during the mid-term elections was a vote for him. That’s right. You read that correctly – a vote for him. Everything is about him, unless it is the unflattering truth.

I am looking for candidates who will tell the truth, even when unpopular. I want candidates who are decent human beings – not perfect, but decent. I desire candidates who are interested in their fellow human beings and the environment for our sake and the sake of our grand kids. Basic necessities are important. Great wealth for a few is not.

Please vote your values this election. If you are a one issue voter (pro-life), I urge you to consider how many immigrant children are still being traumatized as they exist in holding centers apart from their families. I believe that their lives and futures are important too even though they weren’t born here.

If your one issue is the economy, read some articles from economists to see if one time bonuses will make up for the 40 years of declining middle class wages. Tax relief for big business will continue.

If you want leaders who are not lockstep with a president who still hasn’t released his 2015 taxes as he promised, who has not divested himself from his businesses, who has cost the taxpayers millions in Secret Service costs so that he play golf (158 times according to Golf News.net)., and who lies so often to the American people that multiple news sources fact check his speeches, then go to VOTE411.org. where the League of Women Voters offers non-partisan information about candidates.

Our very democracy is at stake. This is not just two parties at odds with one another. This is a time when our American ideals of liberty and justice for all are on the line. Our elections affect Americans and those living abroad. Do your homework. Then vote.

Nancy Swenson


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