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Mysore Dasara, travel tips for Mysore Dussera

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The Mysore Dussehra, also popularly known as Nada Habba (meaning festival of the land or state), is celebrated with immense grandeur and enthusiasm. Nowhere else will you find this festival being celebrated in such a majestic and royal manner, or a public celebration and gathering on such a grand scale. If not for anything, visiting Mysore during this Dussehra (also Dasara) will let you taste royalty as well.

Mysore appears to be more than just alive during this annual 10-day event, so much so that one should not miss the opportunity to attend it. Dussehra here is not celebrated like the typical North Indian Dussehra celebrations, where effigies of Meghdoot, Ravana and Kumbhakarna are burned. Celebrations in Mysore continue for 10 days and are completely different. To get your facts right, you should know that Mysore got its name after the evil demon king Mahishasura, who was slaughtered by Goddess Chamundeshwari, also a form of Durga.

While this is just a brief of what happens in Mysore during Dussehra, it is advisable to visit the city and take part in the action. Go there, take part in the festivities, and gather unique experiences to share.

Travel tips for that perfect Mysore Dussehra trip

If you want to keep your itinerary sorted, here are some tips to plan your trip for Mysore Dussehra.

How to reach Mysore? The place is well-connected by air and train to all major and important cities of India. In case you fail to find a direct flight, you can even fly to Bengaluru and take a cab or bus to reach Mysore. The distance between Bengaluru and Mysore is 145 km, and takes around 2.5 hours to complete the stretch.

Best time to visit? While booking your tickets, do keep in mind the fact that the last four days before Dussehra are the best time to visit.

Where to stay? During this time, Mysore attracts a barrage of travellers, reason why hotels fill up very quickly during Dussehra. However, to be on the safe side, try booking your hotels beforehand.

Travel tips for that perfect Mysore Dussehra trip

Also, you can note down some regularly used words in Kannada language, which might come handy while there.

Kannada words Meaning
Namaskara Hello
Bēḍa No
Eṣṭu? How much?
Sāku Enough
Eṣṭu dūra ide How far is…
Ellide? Where is?

During this time, the city of Mysore is also decked up with light and colours, and people from all around the globe visit here to be a part of festivities. The Mysore Palace is illuminated, which is a sight to behold; plus, specialists are hired to train and prepare elephants for those grand processions on the day of the festival. Further, the elephants are accompanied by folk bands, famous dance troupes, security forces and police guarding the celebrities and members of royal families.

Travel tips for that perfect Mysore Dussehra trip

Other prime attractions of Mysore Dussehra are exhibitions that are put on mela grounds, providing you an opportunity to visit stalls of handicrafts, food, souvenirs, and much more.

These are some simple tips that you need to keep in mind before planning a visit for Mysore Dussehra. Rest assured, there is nothing that comes close to the spectacle that Mysore Dussehra is. Don’t worry, happy Dussehra!

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