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More than 70 remote work applications approved

Published Aug 19, 2020 at 7:19 pm
(Updated Aug 19, 2020 at 7:19 pm)

The Minister of Labour announced tonight that 73 applications for one year residential certificates to work remotely from Bermuda had been approved.

Jason Hayward said that government had received an “overwhelming response” with 190 applications received so far.

Three of the approved applications were students.

Mr Hayward said: “As a result of this government’s foresight and progressive approach to growth, we will see an injection in our economy that we would otherwise not have seen.

“The addition of these individuals in our community will go a long way towards stimulating the economy and helping Bermudians find jobs.”

Mr Hayward added: “In simple terms, where we might have had one new visitor every week for 52 weeks, because of this initiative, we will now have over 70 visitors staying for a whole 52 weeks.

“And, during their stay, they will contribute to our economy by renting apartments, living in hotels, catching taxis, and patronising local businesses.

“This is without a doubt great news for Bermuda and you can expect that this government will build on the success of this initiative by continuing to look at creative and progressive ways of stimulating the economy and bringing jobs back to our shores.”

The Government launched the work from Bermuda scheme over the Cup Match weekend [July 30 to August 2].

The certificate allows people from overseas who are working from home to move to Bermuda and work on a remote basis.

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