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MoneyFix Podcast: Travel-Hack the Holidays

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Welcome to this episode of the “MoneyFix” podcast! Your hosts, Dayana Yochim and Sean Pyles, answer your real-world money questions with the help of NerdWallet’s in-house financial experts, so you can make smart money moves.

Dayana and Sean talk with NerdWallet’s travel-hacking expert, Joe Cortez. Read (and listen) on to learn how you can use your credit card points to cut lines, avoid crowds and make holiday travel a little less miserable.

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Takeaway tips

Use your travel insurance. If you paid for your flights with a travel credit card, you might be covered if a flight is delayed or canceled altogether.

Make the most of your Priority Pass. If you carry a credit card with Priority Pass membership, make the airport a little less stressful by ducking into one of those fancy lounges while you wait.

Get rewarded for using your card. By taking advantage of select travel loyalty programs, you can earn rewards by making purchases you’ll have to make anyway, like flights and hotel rooms.

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