Meet Leonard Sekyonda, the modern-day multi-skilled entrepreneur, inspiring rising and fellow entrepreneurs to create their success story.

Leonard Sekyonda

Leonard is a serial entrepreneur, managing several hats on his head successfully being a vlogger, author, millennial thought leader and so much more.

Leonard is a serial entrepreneur, managing several hats on his head successfully being a vlogger, author, millennial thought leader and so much more.

London, England , Oct. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sometimes our life’s journeys take us from one place to another, intending to teach us so many important lessons in life and to help us grow not only as professionals in our careers but most importantly, as individuals. Every person has a different journey; some may find the motivation along the way, some are self-motivated, while some others give up half-way owing to lack of inspiration in their lives. To come to the rescue of all such people and help in transforming their lives completely by making them realize their dreams and getting them nearer to their definition of success is a young serial entrepreneur named Leonard Sekyonda. 

Leonard is one of those rare gems in the entrepreneurial world who at a very young age manages several hats on his head as a high-performing entrepreneur, who is the founder and CEO of the global entrepreneurial networking community called MYCOMEUP. For all his endeavours in the business world, Leonard has strived to inspire other budding and fellow entrepreneurs of the world for creating the successful lifestyle they have dreamt.
Just like any successful story today, where entrepreneurs and personalities of the world have worked their way relentlessly to the top, Leonard too had to face his share of ups and downs in life, where he came from a low-income family background in South London and lost his father quite early in life. Even in his academic career, Leonard struggled at school and dropped out of university. All these life challenges put him amidst much negativity of life where he was told he would fail; but instead of getting affected by all these things, Leonard made the strong decision to punch back all the problems in life and rise again with his firm determination and strong will to prove the world wrong.

Hence, to start something of his own at 18 years, he set up his first business ‘Key Move Relocations’, an estate agency. The success of this endeavour of his led to another and at 20 years he initiated IC Graduate, recruiting Filipino nurses to the UK, which turned into his first multi-million-pound business. As he grew his businesses and started tasting success, Leonard thought of documenting his journey on YouTube and this, in many ways, changed his life. Since then, this young entrepreneurial phenomenon has never looked back. 

Many aspiring entrepreneurs began following him on YouTube, and this upped Leonard’s confidence to originate his passion project in the form of MYCOMEUP along with Deji Okunde. This started their journey of inspiring other young minds and fellow entrepreneurs.

Their video series MYCOMEUP WORDS OF WISDOM doubled its popularity. They showcased archive interviews of iconic personalities like P.Diddy, Jay Z and many others and even gained the attention and support of business leaders like Sir Alan Sugar, 50 Cent, and many more. Their video channel today stands strong with a massive 33 million views across the globe and still counting.

What started as only a blog was later converted into MYCOMEUP WORLD in 2014, which has so far served 128,000 users and over 32,000 premium users. The successes Leonard has been earning at such a young age has also given him the confidence and motivation to expand his business, where recently, he launched MYCOMEUP STUDIO, a human-centred film production studio, created to inspire people all around the world with visionary and impactful content. He is also all pumped up with energy to launch his new program, ‘The Sales Agency Accelerator’, which would guide business owners and entrepreneurs in starting a lucrative sales agency with the same business model that Leonard used for his multi-million-pound business.

As a best-selling author, philanthropist, business strategist, CEO and entrepreneur, Leonard with his motivational business content, online platforms and personal development advice has been impacting millions of lives of people across the globe for nearly two decades now. On a parting note, this successful serial entrepreneur says, “Know your worth, and turn your frustration into fuel to create a future of your dreams”. 

To know more, visit his website – https://www.leonardsekyonda.com/.

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