Man sacrifices pregnant wife after ‘godman’ promised him riches in Puducherry

Man kills pregnant wife after godman promised him riches&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspThinkstock

Puducherry: In another shocking incident of blind belief, a man allegedly sacrificed his pregnant wife by slitting her throat, under the influence of a Godman and the superstition that he would instantly become rich in Puducherry. Five men including the husband and the godman have been arrested in the case.

The incident reportedly occurred on Tuesday when the deceased victim had gone missing. The accused husband, identified as Ashok Raj, waited one whole night to inform the police.

The police recovered the victim’s deceased body with her neck slashed lying not very far from her home. Reportedly, other stuff including lemons, slippers, etc was also discovered at the spot which led to suspicion that there could be some superstitious angle to the case. In a horrendous incident that shows how social malice still very much exists in the rural parts of the Indian society, a life was lost to myth and taboo.

After being grilled at the time of the investigation, the husband revealed what had occurred. His friend and relative named Govind Raj was a self-styled godman who claimed that he could turn people rich overnight. On the same pretext, he conducted special pujas and rituals while charging money in return.

Ashok Raj had been taking his services for more than 3 years and one unfortunate day, he approached Govind saying that he wants to become a multi-millionaire overnight. That’s when Govind told Ashok that if he sacrifices his pregnant wife who was already a mother to two, he would become rich. That’s when Govind Raju and two others hatched a plan to kill the victim.

 Allegedly, the victim was wearing about 40 grams of gold and that was what the godman was aiming for. The jewellery was later confiscated along with the weapon used to kill the victim after the absconding accused were arrested.

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