Local entrepreneur expands her business amid pandemic

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Sarah Hopkins, a local entrepreneur in Ottumwa, knew that opening her second business the Mustard Seed Co. would be a risk — and a risk she was willing to take. Committed to their new space Hopkins had a goal of bringing her second location to life during a global pandemic.

She shared with KYOU: “We’ve had to think outside the box and think of how we can offer curbside pick up. That was a big thing for us in the beginning especially in Albia to offer those services to people.”

Like many business owners Hopkins has had to connect with her customers in a completely different landscape while encouraging masks and social distancing in her store. But, what was once the only Long John Silver’s in town is now a retreat for people across town to upgrade their space during quarantine.

“We’ve also seen that people are home. They want to be home and do things in their home. So, that’s been kind of nice for us to be able to reshape the way home looks,” Hopkins explained.

And, as the holiday season creeps around the corner many are looking to support small businesses in Ottumwa this holiday season and Hopkins urges the community to hop on board saying: “When others shop not locally it does hurt the community. If you look at other small businesses we have even just putting this one together we have been able to support other small businesses in the town.”

Hopkins says her store offers curbside pickup, online shopping, and in-person shopping during the holiday season.

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