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Labor pledges to support multicultural schools

By November 9, 2018 No Comments

The Andrews Government has made public their plans to continue supporting community schools in Victoria with a further $7.5 million should they win the coming elections.

The announcement was made by Minister of Education James Merlino, who was joined by Minister of Early Education Jenny Mikakos and the Member for Oakleigh Steve Dimopoulos, as they visited the Omiros College Community Language School on Monday.

“We are the Multicultural state and we are the Education state, backing our community language schools just makes sense,” Minister Merlino said. “This massive funding boost will make Victoria’s community language school’s program the best in the country”.

Minister Mikakos’ statement followed along the same lines: “We know there are many benefits for children to learn their mother tongue from a young age. We’re proud to enable more preschool children to learn a language at a community language school for the first time.”

Mr Dimopoulos also showed his support in the investment: “We know that teaching kids their mother tongue is important to keep them connected to their heritage – and only Labor will make sure that can happen,” he said.

Minister of Housing Martin Foley had also announced these measures during his visit at the Albert Park Saturday school of the Greek community on Saturday.

The vice-president of the Greek community of Melbourne, Mr Theodoros Markos welcomed these investments:

“We are delighted by the announcement of the Daniel Andrews government that they will be supporting community and afternoon schools where the community languages are being taught with the additional amount of $7.5 million. It is especially encouraging that the subsidy that the local government has been giving to the children of elementary and high school will now be given to those in preschool. Also recognised here is the need to continue educating the staff in order to ensure the provision of the most modern and complete educational program to our children. We give our word that we will be in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Early Education in order to push forward the community languages on all levels and sectors of teaching. We would like to congratulate the Minister of Education Mr Merlino, along with minister Jenny Mikakos and Member of Oakleigh Steve Dimopoulos for the loyalty they have shown to the area of teaching community languages, both in the public sector and also in the area of Saturday and afternoon schools.”

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