Kin of 60k non-resident ryots to get Rythu Bandhu cheques

The State Government has decided to disburse investment support scheme (Rythu Bandhu) cheques drawn in the name of farmers living abroad, non-residents, to their family members living back home.

However, the Mandal Agriculture Officers (MAOs) and Agriculture Extension Officers (AEOs) concerned have to conduct an enquiry about such non-resident farmers having agricultural patta land on their names to ascertain designated persons to receive the cheques drawn at ₹4,000 per acre.

The priority of persons to receive cheques on behalf of non-resident farmers would be in the order of spouse in case of married person, major children above 18 years age in case spouse is not there and either mother or father of the non-resident farmers in case they have no spouse or major children. Principal Secretary (Agriculture) C. Parthasarathi sent a memo to the Commissioner of Agriculture, all Collectors concerned and District Agricultural Officers concerned on Saturday intimating about the government decision to disburse the assistance under Rythu Bandhu scheme to non-resident farmers. The MAOs and AEOs have been directed to ascertain the relationship of the claimant family members to the non-resident farmers and upon satisfying themselves, they shall handover the cheques to the designated persons. These guidelines would apply to all non-resident farmers who live abroad and can not present themselves to receive the cheques. These guidelines do not apply to ryots those residing elsewhere within the country. According to the officials, of the 58.8 lakh Rythu Bandhu cheques printed for a value of ₹5,737.97 crore, 51.39 lakh cheques have already been distributed with assistance amounting to ₹5,251.61 cr. They stated that of the 7.41 lakh cheques with an assistance amount of ₹486.36 cr. which were not disbursed, the non-resident farmers comprise only about 60,000.

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