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Kenyans and the flag bracelets culture

By January 30, 2020 No Comments

A Kenyan flag bracelet. [Source/pinintrest]

Kenyans are quite a receptive people when it comes to stuff that points out their Kenyan-ness. 


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You could call it a cultural pride or national pride. 

We pick up on such stuff pretty much quick and normalise it.

Take for instance the Kenyan flag bracelets, worn on so many wrists in the country, save for a few that hardly assimilate. 

These ornaments were received with a lot of enthusiasm and became popular amongst many people with diverse origins, even for those living abroad. 

The President, Uhuru Kenyatta, wears one too. 

It’s one thing acceptable to almost everyone. 

Here’s a crazy idea: maybe it’s time we considered these to be a symbol of national unity.

So, why would it be appealing for these ornaments to be worn? Well, as humans, we have always wanted to identify with certain groups, to belong to somewhere and it definitely feels rewarding to carry about a symbol of identity. We want to show the world where we belong; where we sprang from. 

Think of a football club, what would be the ideal way to show everyone that you’re its fan?  A jersey is a good show of one’s support for their club.

So, does it mean that you’re not proud of your nationality if you don’t wear this bracelet? Or worse: is it our scapegoat (from the so many scandals in our government and the ills in our society), to find things that make it pleasant and enjoyable to be Kenyan? Think about it! 


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