Jung So Min And Kim Ji Suk Confirm Casting For Upcoming JTBC Drama

Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk will be appearing in a new drama together!

JTBC’s “Monthly House” (literal translation) is a romance drama about a man who buys houses and a woman who lives in houses. It deals with the issue of housing, a common and important topic among people in South Korea, and asks questions like, “What does your house mean to you?”

Jung So Min has been cast as Na Young Won, the editor of a lifestyle magazine called “Monthly House.” She is an ordinary employee who has been in the workforce for 10 years. For those 10 years, she has always been on the verge of running out of money, and struggles with her monthly rental payments. But her home is the one place that she can be herself. Even though she rents her home, she cleans and decorates it as best she can. When she makes an enemy of the new owner of her house, she finally takes an interest in investment and buying her own home.

Kim Ji Suk has been cast as Yoo Ja Sung, the CEO of the lifestyle magazine “Monthly House,” who believes that houses are just assets to make him rich and a place for him to sleep a little at night. He grew up believing that the only way that a person can become rich in South Korea on his own is through investment in real estate, so he studied by day, worked part-time at night, and snuck into construction sites on weekends in order to understand the market. He is now a famous expert in real estate investment. When he gets involved in Na Young Won’s life as the new owner of her house, he finds that his beliefs are shaken.

“Monthly House” will be directed by Lee Chang Min (“Welcome to Waikiki”) and written by Myung Soo Hyun (“Rude Miss Young Ae,” “Drinking Solo”). It will air sometime in 2021.

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