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Judge tosses noise complaints against neighborhood cantinas

By September 20, 2018 No Comments

Mérida, Yucatán — The Fifth District Court suspended the amparo process requested by residents near loud Centro cantinas, questioning if the complainants really live near the nightclubs.

Judge Carlos Solís Briceño would not accept utility bills with the plaintiffs’ name and address as evidence.

The amparo trial, asking for an order of protection, was forwarded in March by Christiane Mornard, Ronald Fernand Andre Martin, Rene de Langhe, Ruben Ignacio Mendoza Pasos, Gloria Margarita Sabatth Rivas Carrión and Barry Laurence Levine against the mayor, the director of urban development and the director of public services, as well as the governor of the state, the state health department and INAH, the National Institute of Anthropology and History.



The residents of the Centro’s Santa Lucia, Santiago and Santa Ana neighborhood said El Pipiripau, La Negrita, Mercado 60 and El Dzalbay were disturbing their quality of life by blasting music after hours.

After several years of constant complaints that went nowhere, the “Ruido contra el Ruido” (“Noise Against Noise”) movement was created, resulting in about 200 posters displayed on facades across the Centro.

But the judge required more evidence that the residents had standing, and will require more official documentation that they live within earshot of the establishments.

Noise regulations have yet to be ratified in City Hall. The new administration has inherited draft ordinances that lingered in committee, but were promised to be law by April 2018.

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