Jobs That Are Thriving In The Face Of Covid-19

The year 2020 hasn’t been easy for anybody. The ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic have left millions dead, unemployed, and bereaved. While the official report from Wuhan states that the first case of the virus was identified in December last year, there have been rumors of a 55-year old Hubei citizen who was diagnosed on the 17 of November. In any case, the impact of the virus across industries has been exceptional. Eleven months, 64.4 million confirmed cases, and 1.49 million deaths later, the virus still hasn’t been eliminated. 

The focus of this piece is the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on individuals. Those who experienced a significant drop in income are now in search of more resilient career options that will prepare them for the future. If you or your friends were struck by the figurative unemployment lightning, keep reading to find the most in-demand jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. 

1. Home Health Aides

As the Covid-19 pandemic started to spread, many people with underlying health conditions became afraid of going to hospitals. Subsequently, the demand for home health aides surged. These healthcare providers offer specialized routines like wound dressing, changing bandages, attending to people living with disabilities, and providing other forms of home care. In some cases, the job might be as straightforward as checking the health status of people living with chronic illnesses. 

In some parts of the United States, the standard rate for home health aides ranges from $12.27 to $15.21 per hour. If you’re interested in becoming a health aid, you can learn more about the educational requirements, job specifications, and state-specific wages. You don’t need to study medicine or nursing to become a health aide expert. 

2. Marketing Managers

Despite the lockdown in major cities, the demand for marketing managers has increased. These experts are in charge of planning, coordinating, and directing marketing teams across organizations. They help organizations identify prospects and device strategies to convert these prospects to paying clients. Marketing managers also work on developing pricing structures that will maximize profit while ensuring customer satisfaction. 

In the United States, marketing managers get around $50.96 to $82.36 per hour. The wages might vary based on location and company but it is usually around this range. If you love to monitor and follow trends in your field, you might be eligible for a marketing management position. If you have a background in marketing, diving into a management position will not be difficult. You can take an online management course to boost your resume. 

3. Cashiers

A cashier might not be the highest-paid worker in an establishment but their job is among the most vital. There is always a high demand for cashiers across industries. The job description involves collecting and disbursing money not just to customers but to members of staff. As a cashier, you need to take extra care to ensure that there are no financial disparities under your watch. 

You don’t need a college degree to become a cashier. Basic technological literacy will be just fine since you’ll be using cash registers, PoS devices, e-scanners, and other similar devices. Cashiers in the United States are paid between $11.10 to $13.95 hourly depending on the organization. 

4. Web Development and Design

If you’ve been paying attention to career trends over the last few months, you’ll know that web development and design are among the most valuable in-demand skills in the job market today. Web development and design fall under software development skills. You will work on bringing web development ideas to life. Apart from creating and designing websites, web developers also modify and maintain them when needed. 

It’s not a surprise that the demand for software developers increased during the pandemic. Technology is the future and every company that wants to stay relevant needs a web development team to keep them in the loop. Depending on their level of expertise, software developers make at least $39.21 to $61.09 every hour in the United States. You can learn how to become a software engineer or web developer online. 


The most resilient skills during the Covid-19 pandemic aren’t just skills in the essential services industries. Skills in the gig economy also surged significantly amid the pandemic. If you want to learn a skill with remote applications that can also be studied remotely, you can register for an online course and learn from the comfort of your home.