Ismael Cala and experts to offer “The business of being you,” the largest entrepreneurship seminar in the Americas

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MIAMI, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ismael Cala, Fernando Anzures and a dozen experts will be offering “The business of being you. A Seminar in Entrepreneurship”, on October 16th and 17th, completely online.

As the largest entrepreneurship seminar in the Americas, it will help participants develop their entrepreneurial mindset for taking actions, to convey the current circumstances, where Covid-19 pandemic has risen uncertainty in businesses; and create new opportunities despite all going on.

According to a recent report by the Partnership for a New American Economy, resident immigrants have founded more than 40% of all companies in the United States. Notable among these are: Apple, Google, AT&T, Budweiser, Colgate, eBay, General Electric and IBM. On the downside, according to Forbes, eight out of every ten new businesses do not last more than 18 months; in other words, their failure rate is 80%.

“The business of being you. A Seminar in Entrepreneurship” will address subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, sales, mindful leadership, technology and a vision of the future.

We will count with the expertise of this distinguished panel:

Ismael Cala, life and business strategist
-Andrés Moreno, founder and CEO of Open Education
-Mario and Lorenzo Hernández, businessmen
Jacques Giraud, master Coach and academic director of Cala Enterprises
Valeria Hinojosa, founder of WaterThruSkin
Juan M. Barrientos, chef at El Cielo
James Tahhan, chef and triple Emmy Award winner
Javier Meza, CMO, Sparkling Coca-Cola Company
-Beto Pérez, creator and co-founder of Zumba®
-Vilma Núñez, CEO, Agencia Convierte Más
Darys Estrella, expert on finance, the stock market, and sustainability
-Calle and Poche, influencers
Alex Kei, advisor to consultants, authors and executives
Santiago Siri, CEO of Democracy.Earth and technology expert
Adriana Cisneros, CEO, Grupo Cisneros

The seminar is addressed to entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals in all industries, students and anyone in a process of transformation and reinvention.

“Entrepreneurs are people with lots of energy, persistence and determination, who believe in themselves enough to carry forward an idea or a dream. In this world, where change is a constant element, “starting over” has become common, even for people who has been established before.  But any project requires a great deal of preparation,” explains Ismael Cala.

Fernando Anzures, CEO of EXMA BE ON, Latin America’s biggest marketing platform, said “it’s an honor to unite both brands and leaders who have transformed their lives and helped people change their way of thinking, by training entrepreneurs in action.”

Date: October 16-17, 2020
Medium: Online
Info: +1 (305) 360 9940 – [email protected] 


Ismael is a life and business strategist. For five and a half years he was the prime-time host of “Cala,” on CNN en Español. A businessman and social entrepreneur, he is the author of eight bestsellers on themes of leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development, including El poder de escuchar (‘The power of listening’), and Despierta con Cala (‘Wake up with Cala’). He was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1969 and holds a degree in Art History from Oriente University. He graduated from the School of Communication at York University in Toronto and has a diploma from Seneca College in Television Production He is the President and founder of the Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation.

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